Rezzfest Day 2: Highlights and memories

As I prepare to embark on day 3 of the extraordinary Rezzfest spectacular, I want to take a few moments to reflect on all the sights and excitement of yesterday's program.

Here's a supply ship for the Compass Club preparing to dock.

The visionary combination of a muscle car and processed meats.

I had to cross the road at this point. This guy wasn't even the clown teacher. I think this is just how he likes to look on a Saturday afternoon on Edwardes Street. 

The local children were given a lucrative contract building temporary accommodation for Reservoir's exploding population.


The priorities of Reservoir's population were confirmed once and for all when they were forced to choose between the bar and the chance to finally see the exotic secrets of Pole Princess revealed. The bar won, with only a handful of people showing up for the pole dancing. Go figure.

And of course Elvis bingo went off. These ladies are all major fans of my blog. They told me they had never played bingo before, and that if it hadn't been for my post the other day about the Elvis bingo they might never have known it was on.

Anyway, more later. I've been rather slow off the mark today, thanks to the good times at Pool Hall Blues last night, so I better get out there. I've got a kite that wants flying for god's sake.

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