And So It Begins....

Living in Rezza comes with the perpetual anxiety of watching "progress" charge up the hill towards you like a Cortina with a jammed accelerator cable. Don't get me wrong - there are certainly one or two things up here that could do with some attention, a lick of paint, or indeed a restraining order. What gives me the dry horrors though, is the thought of Rezza all too soon being swallowed up by that particular 21st century blight of shopping tracts that cater to lifestyle ideologies without actually selling anything useful: homeware shops selling repurposed urns full of sticks and walls of display cushions; baby shops selling designer night lights and pinafores; restaurants serving tasting plates but no actual meals. I like to think that the great irrepressible spirit of the people of Reservoir will continue to prevail and impose its unique form of natural selection onto new developments. Every time I see earth movers and cyclone fencing though, it's hard not to wonder "Is this the one?".
Not that I'm exactly raising the alarm bells just yet. It seems that the complex above is going to house a Coles and a K-mart. I have a feeling we will all get along just fine. 
It's the numerous small shops for lease in the complex that are bothering me. What godless time bomb of artisan steampunk beard grooming accessories and soy candles could be waiting to detonate there?


  1. I think in Res, the odds are that it will be a hairdresser

  2. haha. Yep, it's coming. I went to the party to celebrate knocking the old coles down! There's a new Coles coming and a whole lot of specialty shops, bakeries and coffee shops! Upper class Resa! -