Bunny Burglars

Link: Three Women Charged with Bunny Burgling

"Three women allegedly stole rabbits and hoarded more than a hundred of the fluffy creatures in a Melbourne home.
The women, aged 18, 22 and 44, allegedly burgled a pet shop and stole eight mini lop rabbits on March 11.
But on Tuesday, detectives executed a warrant at a Reservoir home and found more than 100 other bunnies.
The three Reservoir women were arrested and charged with burglary, theft and handling stolen goods."

It is believed the defendants will plead guilty of having too much love to give.
Hostages including Bubbles (pictured) are currently being treated for trauma, and snuggling related injuries.
Neighbours commented that the three women keep to themselves, but are well liked in the street because their lawns are always closely mown.

With many thanks to M for the link.

Lucky Draw

For some reason I'm having trouble enticing people to go to the Broadway Bingo Bonanza with me. They have prize pools totalling thousands of dollars every week, and judging by the crowds queueing and smoking durries on Broadway every night I can only assume that it's a Northern hotbed of social networking and romance.
If that's not enough, they regularly have themed nights where punters can dress up and make an occasion of their Bingo experience.

Of course most nights people just come as they are.

Naturally I wouldn't expect anyone to just blindly take my word on this. I recommend you have a look around the Broadway Bingo Bonanza Facebook page and judge for yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll conclude, as I have, that this is a remarkable and welcoming place to spend an evening. 
And of course when you come to that conclusion, do let me know, because I'm still looking for a Bingo partner. 

Link: Toilet Seat Installation

* Picture not to scale

"We will remove your old seat & install the replacement for $40. 
Only takes a few minutes, nothing more to pay. 
Basic universal seat $40 
Caroma Tasman $55 
Apollo no slam (slow-closing seat) $60 
All seats are white !" 

It's a relief to know these people are out there. Sometimes when I'm sitting on the toilet I think to myself "What if I ever wear this seat out? What on Earth would I do about that?" 
It's also a relief to note that my dilemma would be at an end with only one simple payment, because I admit I've worried from time to time about the hidden costs associated with buying a toilet seat.

Remedical Care

Link: Traditional Chinese Full Body Care

Calm-Chi Traditional Chinese Massage of Broadway.
"Our professionally trained staff members, including many that have successfully completed courses in remedical therapies with the diploma of proficiency, will guarantee you with an exceptional relaxation experience." 

*This is not a sexual service 
*Plenty of nearby parking available.

I don't know about you, but my Chi is calm just from reading this.