Happy National Water Week From the 'Voir!

I know my heading sounds festive, but if I'm completely honest I'd have to say that I'm a bit crapped off. I've just found out that it's National Water Week, and it's Thursday. I don't think it's presumptuous to say that Reservoir has the wettest name, per unit of volume, of any suburb in Australia. Were any keynote Water Week events held in the 'Voir though? The fuck they were.

Love My Family

One of my favourite things about Reservoir is not being constantly bombarded with "My Family" stickers on rear windows of cars. Up here people are reminded often enough of the curse of fertility without having to create false idols in its honour.
A couple of days ago I saw my first one though. There was a sticker of a guy with a toolbelt and next to it a sticker of a dog, on a panel van with a trailer. Bet he does alright at Zagame's on a Saturday night.

The Customer is Always Right 2

Summerhill Safeway has now replaced half of its "Healthy Foods" section with a wall display for Pepsi New. It wasn't a particularly large section to begin with, so I'm not sure if this is an indictment of the people's feelings about the Macro buyout, or of Pepsico's relevance as a market innovator. Either way I'm excited. It's not every day that cola flavour as we know it is revolutionised.

The Customer is Always Right

I get the sense that Summerhill Safeway has finally done some number crunching. I walked into the bottle shop tonight to find that four of the seven aisles of wine had been completely removed, and the newly liberated floorspace had been replaced with giant pyramids of slabs. I've got to admit that it's a lot simpler to shop there now. When you stop frigging around with varietals and vintages and only have to choose between red, white, goon, slab or spirits it's a much quicker process.
My tongue feels weird.

Happy International Lesbian Day from the 'Voir!

I'm informed that today is International Lesbian Day. I feel it's a bit shortsighted of this event to overlook all our lovely Domestic Lesbians though, so on behalf of greater Reservoir, I would like to say "Happy Lesbian Day Resbians!". May you continue to leave your unmistakable mark on this suburb.

Wobbie's World

Link: Melbourne Playgrounds - Your guide to fun things for kids to do in Melbourne!

Edwardes Lake Park, Griffiths Street, Reservoir  

"Has a full size A2 class locomotive on display. The train is fenced off but it is possible to enter the driver's compartment and pretend that you are driving Douglas (or at least have a good healthy discussion as to which train it is from Sodor). The playground near the Athletics track and train is poor with broken down, old equipment. There is only one swing without a safety chain. Plenty of BBQs with sheltered tables. Near lake with lots of waterbirds. Toilets when they are not closed for repair - are they waiting for the Queen to visit for a grand re-opening ceremony?"

I wonder what a one star park is like.

Not Just a Clever Name

Link: Raid nets cannabis plants in Reservoir house

POLICE raided a house in Reservoir where they found 85 mature cannabis plants today.
"Early indications are it's a commercial quantity of cannabis...''   
Sgt Brilliant said.

Back Passage

Anyone who has made their way right into the guts of this blog will know how excited I get about the Pole Princess exotic dance academy.
If not, here are some quick links:
Somehow though, their most public, and perhaps informative, piece of signage managed to escape my notice until just a couple of days ago.