Bunny Burglars

Link: Three Women Charged with Bunny Burgling

"Three women allegedly stole rabbits and hoarded more than a hundred of the fluffy creatures in a Melbourne home.
The women, aged 18, 22 and 44, allegedly burgled a pet shop and stole eight mini lop rabbits on March 11.
But on Tuesday, detectives executed a warrant at a Reservoir home and found more than 100 other bunnies.
The three Reservoir women were arrested and charged with burglary, theft and handling stolen goods."

It is believed the defendants will plead guilty of having too much love to give.
Hostages including Bubbles (pictured) are currently being treated for trauma, and snuggling related injuries.
Neighbours commented that the three women keep to themselves, but are well liked in the street because their lawns are always closely mown.

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  1. those little buggers breed fast don't they.