Lucky Draw

For some reason I'm having trouble enticing people to go to the Broadway Bingo Bonanza with me. They have prize pools totalling thousands of dollars every week, and judging by the crowds queueing and smoking durries on Broadway every night I can only assume that it's a Northern hotbed of social networking and romance.
If that's not enough, they regularly have themed nights where punters can dress up and make an occasion of their Bingo experience.

Of course most nights people just come as they are.

Naturally I wouldn't expect anyone to just blindly take my word on this. I recommend you have a look around the Broadway Bingo Bonanza Facebook page and judge for yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll conclude, as I have, that this is a remarkable and welcoming place to spend an evening. 
And of course when you come to that conclusion, do let me know, because I'm still looking for a Bingo partner. 


  1. i'm in.. lets go. i've been saving my good adidas tracksuit for just this kind of event. ill do halves in the Horizons.

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