The Aussiest Interview Ever

I shared this clip on Facebook already but it deserves a proper blog post. Shortly after news broke a couple of days ago about a Reservoir man pursuing, running over then fighting with the thief who stole his 4WD and trailer, this highly entertaining and uncooperative interview with a couple of his mates surfaced. For anyone who has yet to see it, the magic begins about 30 seconds in.

The clip went viral, receiving 6 million views overnight, and has been dubbed the 'Aussiest interview ever'. Indeed, if you google 'Aussiest interview ever' this clip will be your first few results, and if you google 'Tony Montana' these guys will also be your first result. Yes, they've bumped Al Pacino.

I'm filled with pride to know that the Aussiest interview ever was filmed in Rezza. These guys should really get an Australia Day award next week. Or at least free kebabs for life on Broadway or something. 

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