The Sunny Side of the Street

Lately I've started to notice a pattern around these parts. Maybe it's just because it's Springtime and the heady mix of sunshine and airborne pollen has affected my judgement, but it has struck me that the graffiti in Reservoir is remarkably positive. 

Mind you, there are many shades of positive:

The Family That Plays Together

Good onya Mum.

Summer Catalogue

In this year's 'Voir Summer collection denim will be a strong theme. Again. This collection accentuates classic pieces with on-trend accessory items including the two-bottle bag, and white-panties-overboard-in-flagrante-delicto. 
Loosely mown lawn: model's own.

With thanks to @adamrichard for the image.

Best Night Eva

Thanks to an anonymous legend for this image. You rule, and I totes believe it was like that when you found it.