Do They Know it's Christmas?

How tardy of me. Ordinarily I like to scout out some 'Voir Christmas shots well in advance of Christmas Day. Back to back food comas really can throw off your routine.
Taking these photos is such a great opportunity for me to explore (and occasionally alienate) new corners of Rezza. And of course I like to stay abreast of the very latest in domestic festive decorations. 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of one of the more epic houses I found tonight, on account of a couple of women over the road saying goodbye to one another and discussing whether it had really felt like Christmas for almost an hour. Actually, they could still be there for all I know. They stopped talking and stared every time I tried to casually stop and take a picture. It was unnerving, especially by the third time. Honestly, some people.
Anyway, without further ado, I give you 'Voir Christmas 2013.

I love this one because I don't understand why they bothered, and I salute that:

And I love this on account of the irony factor:

And of course it wouldn't be Christmas without my favourite Christmas house in all of the world. 

Merry Christmas everyone. May all your dreams come true. Of course it's statistically improbable that they all will, but I'm gunning for you anyway.

Big Uggs to Fill

On my way home tonight I stopped next to an ugg boot distributor at the traffic lights. I know this because that's what it said on the side of his van. I couldn't help having a look at him. I mean, who doesn't want to know what an ugg boot distributor looks like? It's like being in the hospital bed next to patient zero. 
As I glanced casually across he was already staring at me, holding a tinny is his enormous fist. I smiled and gave a little jerk of my chin that I hoped would translate as "Ugg boots right?" and "How about that cricket?". He seemed unimpressed with me, or my car, or the general combination. I'm obviously still not ready for ugg boots.

Return to Sender

I thought this said 'Picts' at first. Silly me.

Play Misty For Me

As I drove to the Reservoir Waste Transfer Centre this past weekend, I was delighted to stumble onto Misty's Diner. Honestly, I haven't been that excited since I discovered Courtney Morrison
I've heard great things about Misty's; it's the newest all-American all-you-can-eat diner experience, and they have branches in both Reservoir and Prahran. Not many restaurants can say that.
Naturally I checked them out online. The disarray of broken links on their site spoke plainly of an eatery bent on maintaining an inaccessible urban mystique. 
If I wasn't already drawn in, I soon discovered they have a deep fried chocolate bar dessert called "Holy Shit", which looks either alarmingly or comfortingly similar to a deep fried chicken fillet.

Jumping the Shark

A scene from the Reservoir Leisure Centre yesterday. Looks like someone miscalculated a sick jump over the wading pool again. Kudos to the centre for containing the situation so efficiently.

With thanks to E for the pic.