Merry Christmas from the 'Voir!

Merry Christmas to one and all. May your dreams, like the 'Voir, grow brighter and brighter with each passing year.


A Kiss For Santa

I was walking through the parklands this afternoon when a twin cab ute pulled up nearby. A man in a wife beater and shorts with a pot belly got out. He pulled a pair of long reach pruning shears from the back of the ute, cut four large bunches of mistletoe down from a eucalypt, popped it in his tray then drove off. I get the feeling he waits all year for Christmas.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I was a bit concerned that the carbon tax would dampen Reservoir's love affair with Christmas lights this year. I should really have a better grip on my fellow Rezzadents' unflagging defiance in the face of adversity by now.
It is with great pleasure that I give you Christmas 2012.

Two Dogs Barking

Tonight I saw two dogs attack each other while they were being walked. The funny thing was that both owners dealt with the situation by shouting "Hey!" a lot rather than just separating their pets. For quite a while I watched the dogs straining at their leashes going "Bark! Bark! Bark!", while their owners stood fast shouting "Hey! Hey! Hey!" 
Eventually both parties tired of the interaction and moved on. 
I'm glad they were all able to come to an amicable agreement.