Merry Christmas From The 'Voir!

Well if this isn't just the spirit of a 'Voir Christmas - it lights up, makes a lot of noise, but doesn't really go anywhere. And the sound of thongs slapping purposefully in the background of course.

Down by the River

Looks like the sacred waters of Darebin Creek have delivered another miracle.

Happy Halloween From The 'Voir!

Halloween is a tricky time in Reservoir. You can never quite be sure what is or isn't a decoration. It's safe to say that Halloween briefly legitimises a lot of what's already going on here every other day though.

I Don't Think it Works Like That

Conversation overheard at Coles between two teenage girls:

Girl 1: "Dya want chips?"
Girl 2: (Texting) "Don't care."
Girl 1: "Dya want veggie chips? They're fucken good as."
Girl 2: "What are they?"
Girl 1: "They're made of veggies."
Girl 2: "I don't eat vegetables."

Grass is Green

When people think about moving to Reservoir from the inner city they always get a bit anxious that they will lose the lifestyle they are accustomed to. For anyone going through that process right now I'd like to assure you that you have nothing to worry about. You'll still be able to go to cafes and bars. If you're lucky you'll also still get to pick syringes out of your front yard like you used to in Fitzroy too.