Happy Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week from the 'Voir!

Link: Reservoir man lifts the lid on Tourette syndrome

"....unlike the common stereotype, Mr Grecian doesn’t have outbursts of swearing, a symptom called coprolalia, which occurs in fewer than 15 per cent of Tourette sufferers.

He said he lived a life similar to most young men, learning panel beating at Kangan Batman Institute of TAFE, supporting the Collingwood Football Club and spending time with friends."

Let me get clear on this: a Reservoir panel beater who supports Collingwood and has Tourette Syndrome, yet doesn't have random outbursts of swearing......
Give this man a fucking medal!

Off Your Trolley

A picture really is worth a thousand words. 
Clearly a great feast of dim sims and lemon fizzy has taken place. This feast either preceded or followed a very exciting trolley ride that ended abruptly when the trolley met the fire hydrant at high speed. Could a night in the 'Voir possibly get any more awesome?

Stupid question.

Members Only

That's right. I've finally joined the inner circle. Laugh all you want at the passion of the Bob, but will you be getting your carrots for 9c a kilo any time soon? 
No I didn't think so.

Mixed Messages

I'd love to know what motivated this. It's the smiley face that's confusing me.

The Boy in the Red Hat

Link: Emma From Reservoir

Hi I'm looking for Emma I don't know if she still lives in reservoir. But she has a brother named wilson and a sister as well. I had a big crush on her when I was younger. She would know me as the boy in the red hat. If you know her or if you do read this Emma would love to hear from you 

Come on people. Let's make this thing happen!

BTW: How awesome is it that Emma's brother and sister were both called Wilson? 

Gateway Crime

Link: Robbery in Collingwood leads to crime in Reservoir

I thought as much.

I love that they reached Rezza and got busted attempting to card a taxi.