Long Game

"I been playing the Broadway Bingo for about 3 years an' I never won shit."

The fact that she has kept playing speaks volumes for the positive social environment at Bingo Bonanza. Sometimes the journey really is more important.

They're onto us Darren. Quick, hide the bucket bong.

For Tying Women

"I have 15 women ties for sale, the colour of them are red,dark green,gray and light brown , 10 of them are medium size and 5 of them are small, they are brand new,each of them are only $1"
- Reservoir

Forgive me if I've grown a bit dry and repetitive with my posts lately, but I get a little Fibonacci about things when I smell a pattern. If a report shows up on the Vic Police site in a couple of weeks about some dude luring women with Arabic cigarettes, then grabbing them by their hoodies and hog tying them with cheap, yet oddly well-fitted polyester scarves (mostly grey, so far as I can tell thus far), just remember that I called it first. 
Of course I could be wrong. We may be witnessing the fledgling steps of a great entrepreneur who will some day soon own all our houses. Houses in Reservoir, yes, but still....

Coat for girl

Link: Coat for girl 

"I have a coat for girl thats only $5"
- Reservoir

Girl not included - she ran away when I took coat.

Cigarets for sale - Part 2

Link: Cigarets for sale - $10

Feb 7: "I have 20 boxes of Kent cigarets with triple filter and original and every pack has 20 cigarets witch is $10 each pack , there are 2 boxes witch each box contains 10 packs ." 
- Reservoir

It's Exotic

Link: Cigarets for sale $15

Feb 6: "I have 20 boxes of Kent cigarets with triple filter and original and every box contains 20 cigarets ,every box is $15" 
- Reservoir

Sounds like a good deal. Sure, that's about the same price as the cigarettes in shops, but those ones don't have exotic Arabic writing on the packet.