Ace Ventura Pet Detective

You know those moments where there is suddenly a perfect symmetry in the world, and it gives you an overwhelming sense of place? I just saw an Ace Ventura Pet Detective leg tattoo. It was mesmerising, and my urge to take a photo was only barely tempered by the fact that I was a little afraid of the woman it belonged to.
The sighting perfectly bookended a day that had begun listening to a breakfast radio conversation about how irretrievably Ace Ventura has failed to stand the test of time. I wonder if she was listening to the show this morning and was prompted to bare her legs today in defiance of popular opinion. I kind of hope so.
Had I managed to take a photo, this is what you would see, only black and white. And on a leg of course. Honestly, who could get sick of that face?

Well there goes the best sight gag in Reservoir.

I've always particularly loved the second layer of humour in the sandwich board offering live crickets and frozen rats & mice. To date it seems Harry has never noticed a connection between this and the fact that no-one ever wants to take advantage of his al fresco dining option.

The Aussiest Interview Ever

I shared this clip on Facebook already but it deserves a proper blog post. Shortly after news broke a couple of days ago about a Reservoir man pursuing, running over then fighting with the thief who stole his 4WD and trailer, this highly entertaining and uncooperative interview with a couple of his mates surfaced. For anyone who has yet to see it, the magic begins about 30 seconds in.

The clip went viral, receiving 6 million views overnight, and has been dubbed the 'Aussiest interview ever'. Indeed, if you google 'Aussiest interview ever' this clip will be your first few results, and if you google 'Tony Montana' these guys will also be your first result. Yes, they've bumped Al Pacino.

I'm filled with pride to know that the Aussiest interview ever was filmed in Rezza. These guys should really get an Australia Day award next week. Or at least free kebabs for life on Broadway or something. 

Albert Come Home

I saw this on my adventures today.

If we all look out for budgies hopefully together we can help bring Albert home.

And if you see anyone pointing and wolf whistling around our streets in the near future don't dismiss them out of hand as perverts - they might just be trying to attract a budgie.

Taking Care of Business

Link: Driver runs over Nissan Patrol thief in Reservoir, Melbourne

"DETECTIVES are continuing to interview a man who chased and mowed down a man who allegedly stole his 4WD to determine if he should be charged..........The 4WD owner woke to the sound of his car being stolen on Myrtle Grove in Reservoir and jumped into a second car to give chase around 5am.
He chased the bandit to Regent St.
The thief then stopped the car and got out before the man ran him over, causing severe injuries.
Neighbours called police when the two men started fighting....."

Most people would just call the police if they heard their car being stolen. In Reservoir people like to sort out their problems themselves though. I think this represents a fairly admirable sense of personal responsibility.

I bet all the people who pride themselves on 'Regent' being a sort of elite annex of Reservoir won't be so vocal for a while now. We owe this guy a debt of gratitude for that alone.