Taking Care of Business

Link: Driver runs over Nissan Patrol thief in Reservoir, Melbourne

"DETECTIVES are continuing to interview a man who chased and mowed down a man who allegedly stole his 4WD to determine if he should be charged..........The 4WD owner woke to the sound of his car being stolen on Myrtle Grove in Reservoir and jumped into a second car to give chase around 5am.
He chased the bandit to Regent St.
The thief then stopped the car and got out before the man ran him over, causing severe injuries.
Neighbours called police when the two men started fighting....."

Most people would just call the police if they heard their car being stolen. In Reservoir people like to sort out their problems themselves though. I think this represents a fairly admirable sense of personal responsibility.

I bet all the people who pride themselves on 'Regent' being a sort of elite annex of Reservoir won't be so vocal for a while now. We owe this guy a debt of gratitude for that alone.

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