I Love Birds

- Reservoir

"I DO NOT ADOPT SICK OR INJURED BIRDS THANKS : Hi guys you or anyone you know that have any unwanted birds that u don't longer want or don't have the time for them or whatever reason. I'm more then happy to come to you but have to be in the northern area. I have parrots cockatoos budgies and heaps more there all on healthy diets and drink water I love birds and can never have enough of them. I don't get birds then sell. I get them and adopt them and give them everything they need."

'Voir King 2014!

Link: Reservoir Coles attendant crowned Mr Melbourne Australasia 2014

ASPIRING model and actor Aakash Yuvvraj is on cloud nine after winning a "personality-based multicultural beauty pageant". 

Aakash Yuvvraj on cloud nine

The Reservoir man, 21, took out the title Mr Melbourne Australasia 2014, one of three awards for males in the Melbourne International Quest in March.
The win has been a big boost for the Coles Express shop attendant, who was born in Delhi.
"It was a dream since I was 15 years of age," Mr Yuvvraj said.
"It's a huge boost for my modelling career and will bring me more opportunities.
"It will put me in the limelight and all that."

On behalf of all the 'Voir I'd like to congratulate Aakash on his big win. Winning a personality-based multicultural beauty pageant in the 'Voir is akin to winning Eurovision.
I know where I'll be buying my Cheetos this Sunday morning.

With thanks to the irrepressible KD for the link.

Love is Blind

I've commented before on how seriously I take the provenance of my material. But from time to time something so spectacular comes my way that I have to flex a little and post material from neighbouring suburbs.

This masterpiece was spotted today in Preston. Of course it's entirely likely that it was parked in Rezza when it got its custom paint job.

With thanks to E for the magnificent image.