Getting Off at Reservoir Station

Link: Couple filmed porn on daytime Melbourne Train

A COUPLE filmed in a pornographic shoot on a Melbourne train could face police action. The video shows a clearly identifiable man and woman engaging in sex acts in broad daylight as they sit in a carriage on the Epping route before getting off at Reservoir Station. At least two unsuspecting passengers are seen in the carriage, one little more than a metre away. The pair are then filmed having sex on the black locomotive in Edwardes Lake Park in Reservoir, a popular spot for children and families.

Spokesman, Sergeant Kris Hamilton, said the pair should be ashamed of themselves. “It is offensive and inappropriate and people caught will be dealt with by police by either copping a fine or being arrested,” he said.
  “I use public transport daily and I’m sure I speak on behalf of other commuters when I say this is not what you want to be subjected to en-route home after a tough day in the office,” Sergeant Hamilton said.

I guess he must take the Eltham line.

With thanks to a reader for the link.

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  1. My eyes are irresistibly drawn to the "no entry" sign on the front of the locomotive.