Vote 1 'Voir!

I'm proud of many things. I'm proud that I can belch the entire alphabet (though things still get a bit unpleasant from Q through Z). I'm proud that I've taught myself to write left handed in the dead time I've spent in work meetings. I'm proud that when I voted at the local primary school last year I hung around in the cardboard village for an extra fifteen minutes before hitting the sausage sizzle to help an old lady because she wanted to "do all the boxes under the line to stop that Abbott prick getting in". And I'm proud of the fact that I've managed to avoid mowing my lawns for five weeks now without a single comment from my neighbours.
But despite all this, I'm not too proud to beg. 
'Voir Tales is a nominee in the Best Australian Blogs Competition, and I'm posting today to beg you, and your mates, and whoever you can dare at the pub later on, to "Vote 1 'Voir" in the People's Choice section.
All you need to do is click this link right here, select 'Voir Tales, then scroll to the end of the list to register the vote. 
You won't have any trouble finding me. Thanks to my innate grammatical pedantry, and the resultant fact that my blog title starts with an apostrophe of omission, it seems I have managed to score the second position in an alphabetical list of over a thousand blogs, despite starting with a "V". In some ways I feel like I've already won.
Don't let that stop you though. Go on, do it. I'll owe you a beer.

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