For Tying Women

"I have 15 women ties for sale, the colour of them are red,dark green,gray and light brown , 10 of them are medium size and 5 of them are small, they are brand new,each of them are only $1"
- Reservoir

Forgive me if I've grown a bit dry and repetitive with my posts lately, but I get a little Fibonacci about things when I smell a pattern. If a report shows up on the Vic Police site in a couple of weeks about some dude luring women with Arabic cigarettes, then grabbing them by their hoodies and hog tying them with cheap, yet oddly well-fitted polyester scarves (mostly grey, so far as I can tell thus far), just remember that I called it first. 
Of course I could be wrong. We may be witnessing the fledgling steps of a great entrepreneur who will some day soon own all our houses. Houses in Reservoir, yes, but still....

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