The Boy in the Red Hat

Link: Emma From Reservoir

Hi I'm looking for Emma I don't know if she still lives in reservoir. But she has a brother named wilson and a sister as well. I had a big crush on her when I was younger. She would know me as the boy in the red hat. If you know her or if you do read this Emma would love to hear from you 

Come on people. Let's make this thing happen!

BTW: How awesome is it that Emma's brother and sister were both called Wilson? 


  1. so what do we do?...ask every girl we know called emma who has ever lived in rezzie if she remembers a boy in a red hat?...then what?

  2. Yes! Then you ask her if her brother was named Wilson, and if her sister too, then you get her to post here. I'll sort this shit out. I'll book a table at Foodstar for them. All of them. It will be a mess of Emmas and Red Hats and Wilsons. It'll be awesome.

  3. Well, I lived in Reservoir. But I lack the required brother named Wilson. I DO have a sister, though. That doesn't help.