Rezza Relay

I've just got home from the True North Rezzfest launch, held in an elite quarter of the Spring street carpark. 
I finally got some quality time with my fellow blogger Reservoir Dad, and perhaps unsurprisingly we found we had a fair bit in common, so we got to chatting, and the good times ensued.

Before long all our social pretences had fallen away and we were daring one another to relocate items from the site equipment.

For the record, I won this round. I'm dropping this baby into the Edwardes Street party some time tomorrow and it's up to Reservoir Dad to relocate it somewhere spectacular. 


  1. Love your post.. and Reservoir dads...Keeps me laughing.. Speaking of RD... Voir, please don’t get out an intervention order on Reservoir Dad. He’s nice.’

  2. I wouldn't do that. It's his round.