Rezzfest Day 3: Kite Festival

So after two and a half hours pressing the snooze button this morning I finally rose, dusted the glitter off my bingo jacket and headed down to Rezzfest Kite Festival.
Shortly after I arrived I was confronted by what appeared to be an enormous sad arrangement of man parts emerging from the green room. The exotic lady assisting this apparatus seemed unhappy with me and said "Please, no photos yet, it's not ready". 
I couldn't agree more.

Lo and behold, the miserable form she was yanking at was in fact an elephant, being awakened by a gust of hot air up its arse. I think she's looking for loose change in its mouth in this shot.

The elephant whetted my appetite for creatures, so I headed to the animal zone. About time we had one of those up here.
I think this was the first time this chick had worked a crowd that knew more about snakes than she did. She was surrounded by blokes saying stuff like "What does that baby pack, about 12 kilos?", and "What are you giving her, just mice, or you throwin' a rat in there once a week too?"

I got up to this guy just as the handler was saying "You can pat him, he's friendly..... NOT ON THE HEAD THOUGH!!! NOT THE HEAD!!!! He doesn't like that!!"

Then I went to the petting zoo. Not much going on there. Just some circle work.

I mentioned a couple of days ago where I stand on situations like this. Honestly, when I took the corner and saw this flapping about above me, my Gozleme nearly reverse parked.

Luckily I found my happy place again watching this puffy dog do little air pushups in the sky. It's not the first time I've seen this happen, but it's the the first time I've seen it happen at a family event.

Nothing to see here.....

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