Tunnel of Love

My last post about Reservoir Blockbuster sent me into an unexpected reverie about the pedestrian tunnel that runs between Edwardes Street and the Ralph Street car park. It's a veritable pleasure vault for the recreationally challenged, with Blockbuster at the front end and Cellarbrations to the rear. Combine this with the mesmerising array of starchy treats available to those prepared to walk into the light onto Edwardes Street and you've got yourself a perfect weekend.
It's the Cellarbrations that particularly deserves more appreciation though. Their service lanes, whether intentionally or not, have been laid out as a complicated obstacle course that prevents intoxicated people from reaching the counter to purchase more alcohol. I can only believe that this has been driven by a concern for community wellbeing. And it's also the only bottle shop I've ever found that sells canned tuna and a comprehensive range of dress jewellery.

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