A Rose by Any Other Name

Amongst my fellow newcomers to Reservoir, I'm sad to say that there are a few who struggle with the implications of claiming this great suburb as their home. Indeed, it sits so heavily with some that they attempt to excise themselves Coyote Ugly style from Reservoir by inventing new suburbs, as though no-one will notice. The best known example of this is the ongoing propagation of the Regent myth, in which the real estate industry has been complicit. Another contender is the surprisingly grandiose Oakhill Estate in the Eastern end of Reservoir. While the names have legitimate origins, these areas nonetheless fall squarely within the great state of Rezza, and they will continue to do so until a film star or an elected member of parliament moves in. 
Of those who continue to argue the point I would ask only this:
What is your postcode? 
If it's 3073 you live in Reservoir. Suck it up.

And West Regent is Preston, so don't even think about trying that on.

Footnote: I am informed via indisputable heresay that former State Premier John Cain at one point lived in Oakhill Estate. I'm still not sure if this negates or supports my argument - after all he may well have been responsible for the title "Oakhill Estate" in the first place for all I know.


  1. pronounced: Reservworr

    And mail still arrives if you spell it that way

  2. I have to agree. I am a proud Reservoir resident and yes I live in the Oakhill Estate. What I find baffling is
    people's lack of geographical know how on Urbanspoon. Only until recently Ezra and Olive was located in Preston for gods sake much to the frustration of the owner. What I also find baffling is the reputation of Reservoir as unsafe. Sure some places are rough but round where we live the
    most prevalent threat is getting poked I the eye by an unkempt rose bush.

  3. John Cain former Victorian Premier used to live on Oakhill Avenue....