The Fumigator

This wonderful account was sent to me recently:

"Walking down the personal hygiene aisle in the supermarket in Northland, i spotted a guy  moving quickly along the aisle spraying the contents of a not unpleasant smelling can onto other products on the shelves. The woman working nearby gave him a stern talking to. Then i noticed he was wearing a 'Reservoir Hogs" T Shirt....."

It goes without saying that I want one of these shirts. 
Interesting thing is though, that when I sought out Reservoir Hogs, I discovered that it's one of two Harley dealers in Reservoir: there's Reservoir Hogs and Doc Hogs. I have to wonder how a suburb where many people struggle to maintain a single family car can support not one but TWO elite motorcycle outlets.

Thanks to B for the witness account


  1. shirts only available secondhand. You don't want them.

  2. Oh. Now the fragrant aerosol makes sense.