Taste the Rainbow

I can see two likely explanations for this magnificent display:
1) The outlet pipe from the meth lab next door isn't elevated enough 
2) The house is occupied by Resbians*

It's touchingly Reservoir that following such a flagrant outburst of freeform expression the household has continued to manicure the lawn with Diophantic precision, and then parked a car on it. 

* Resbian: A lesbian from Reservoir. 
Apparently this is a burgeoning demographic at present in the 'Voir. Exciting times. If you thought the collective noun "A Northcote of Lesbians" was edgy, try queue jumping a Resbian at the Broadway Puff 'n Stuff.

With thanks to A for the pic 


  1. This just can't be real. You should run a tour!

  2. it's the respians you'll need to look out for

  3. What is the Broadway Puff 'n Stuff?

  4. We have the most angry Resbians in Rezza living opposite us. They like to get in domestics out on the street then do burnouts while screaming 'ya fuckin cunt'. The people in our house previously told me they got in a fight with the Chinese guy living in the unit behind them and were calling him all kinds of racist names while threatening to punch him. They have this big Tom cat that pisses all over our front door but I'm to scared to say anything. Especially after my 3yr old daughter asked one of them if she was a man. I want to love it here... but I miss Northcote.

  5. I don't miss Northcote. It's travelled rather far up its back side. Reservoir is far more down to earth and people are more friendly here.

  6. Love that house, show it to friends when they visit.