Not Quite Right

I take the provenance of my material very seriously. There is a good deal of content I haven't posted because it was seen or heard outside the bounds of Reservoir. When people ask why I take such a serious stance on this, I tell them it's because I won't jeopardise the integrity of my blog. They tend to laugh at this point, though some just frown and take a few steps away from me.
I have to make an exception in this case, and I trust you will appreciate why. This picture was submitted to me from down the hill in Northcote. You will note that someone has fashioned a truly impressive swing / aerial fortress by suspending an NQR trolley from a tree. I'm guessing the scattered milk crates serve as some kind of hillbilly building blocks. Outstanding.
I'd rather not speculate what the bucket is for.

With thanks to SB for the image

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  1. Next to the rifle club I do believe. Guns n stuff, it's appropriate for the 'voir