Exotic Monster

This blog has had a lot of hits from Russia. Not an extraordinary amount, but more than enough to confound me, given the nature of my content. So I googled "Reservoir Russia" and found a number of likely links that might explain the phenomenon. Eventually, though, I decided that this one was my preferred explanation:

Link: Piranha caught in Russian reservoir

An angler in the Urals got an unlikely catch – after hooking a flesh-eating Amazon piranha.
The exotic monster, weighing in at 1.1 kg, was caught by Igor Voronov in Verkhnetagilskaya power station’s reservoir in the Urals. Experts worry that more piranhas are left in the lake.
“As usual, the float moved, and I felt that I had caught something big. But when I took the fish out of the water, I was flabbergasted: it was something otherworldly,” Voronov told LifeNews.
“It could have only appeared in the reservoir from fish tank owners. They buy them, and when they grow up, set them free in the lakes,” ichthyologist Nadezhda Burdakova said.
Experts will check the water for more predators, but stress that the Russian winter will kill them anyway.

I would like to apologise in advance to the Soviet Union as a whole, for the exponential effect this post will most likely now have on the misdirection of Russians to my blog, and also for how utterly incomprehensible the above article from the Moscow News will probably be by the time it has been auto-translated out of, and then back into, Russian language by your preferred web translation site.

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