Reservoir Gothic

I'm a big fan of follies. Be it Kryal Castle or the Brighton Royal Pavilion, I say if you've got a dream so crazy that it's improbable you'll succeed and you'll leave people baffled for years to come, then go for it!
This is my favourite house in all of Reservoir, even including the Resbian house, the Graceland house and the Christmas house. I'm sure you can see why. Its greatness is compounded by its location, wedged in a backstreet behind the waste exchange centre, down by a toxic tributary, in a street where none of the other houses are exactly standing on ceremony, if they're standing at all.

You can just tell that this house was built by someone with a dream, someone who knew what they wanted (layers of grandness, a wrap-around driveway with a twin garage at each end, impressive tilework, private vinyard, gratuitous title), and who at various points was probably overheard saying "I don't give a fuck if it looks odd. This is what I want." 
I salute you!

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