This is the theme song of the Mustangs (Reservoir Football Club). It is sung to the tune of "The Road to Gundagai", sometimes suddenly and without warning. 

We're a team with guts galore
We're the boys from Reservoir
We are the boys from Reservoir
From back to the forward line
Our system is divine
For courage we're we're renowned
We are wearing our colours
The mighty two blues
To the finals they take us
We're premiers through and through
Every game we're on the ball
All for one and one for all
We are the boys from Reservoir
We are the boys from Reservoir

Trust me, I want to know what the "divine system" is as much as you do, though my gut tells me it's probably just one or two variations on the classic "thump, grab and run like hell" play. I'd also really like the RGB scale of the "mighty two blues" before I go shopping on Broadway again in lavender.

But then we have this: an early 1950's Reservoir Football Club theme song, sung to the tune of "Bless 'em all".

There is a fair suburb 10 miles north of town,
Reservoir's township by name.
They have a great football team of red and white.
The premiership can be foreseen.
They play at Crispe Park as opponents well know.
They never do envy the match.
When they start a 'bashing',
We give them a thrashing,
And send them away for dispatch.
Thash 'em all, kick a score,
We've never been out of the four,
Foes chances are thinner
We'd eat them for dinner 
They can't beat the old Reservoir

I know. It's unsettling until you get to the last verse.

Our team's premiership history can be viewed here.
You can't say we don't participate.

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