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Link: Doing the block in Preston
(Please disregard the fact that this headline references Preston rather than Reservoir. This publication has to handle breaking news from over three suburbs weekly, so they can't reasonably be expected to be all over the tiny details.)

"A LARGE and ugly concrete slab, which was used to prop up a Reservoir power pole for six months, has been removed.
Just days after Preston Leader reported that residents were fed up with the concrete block on Oakhill Ave on July 10, power infrastructure company Jemena removed it and stabilised the pole with a steel channel. Resident Jim Logan said the concrete had partially blocked the footpath and had frustrated people for months, but it took workers less than a day to fix.
"It only took them a few hours, the pole is fine," he said. "I was straight onto the phone to my wife Mary, she said 'I don't believe it'."
The concrete had been placed at the site by Jemena on December 30 to stabilise the pole. Mr Logan said the area, once home to former Premier John Cain, was now back to being the nice place it was before the block's arrival."

Personally I'm just amazed this story went to print twice without ever using the term "Block-ade".

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