Carna Pies!

The Grand Final ended a short while ago, and Reservoir has sprung back to life. Mere seconds afterwards, in the distance, a recording of "Pub With No Beer" began to play at full volume, followed by a belligerent yawp of "Carna Pies!!!"
For my overseas readers, or anyone similarly confused: no, the Pies didn't actually play. 

Footnote: I've just had it explained to me that the final siren is when the season starts for a Collingwood supporter. Everything makes a lot more sense now. Everything except the Slim Dusty part. I'm going to assume the pub is a metaphor in this instance.

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's a pre-requisite for "Carna Pies!" to be yelled at any sporting event. So far I've heard it at the Australian Open and at the Caulfield Cup. I'm sure people were yelling it at the Olympics and Channel 7 just didn't co-operate by broadcasting the crowd clearly enough.