Reservoir residents' anger over concrete eyesore

Link: Reservoir residents' anger over concrete eyesore

"RESERVOIR residents are fed up with an ugly concrete block that has propped up an unstable wooden power pole for the past six months.

Nearby resident Jim Logan said the block - placed on a nature strip and footpath on Oakhill Ave - was a massive eyesore.
"You've got to see it to believe it. I wouldn't mind if they put it there for a month but you can't just leave it there (long term) and say this is our solution for holding up power poles," he said.
"It has sat there so long all the grass has grown all over it."
Mr Logan said the block affected a lot of people because it significantly narrowed the footpath.
"Everyone walks their dogs everyday and has to deal with it everyday," he said.
"It's hard for older ladies to get around it."
Electricity infrastructure company Jemena told Leader it placed the concrete at the site on December 30 last year to ensure the pole was safe and secure....."

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