I think she means it this time

It seems so sad to break up on a day as special as Australia Day, but that's exactly what happened up the road from me today. I guess all the emotion the day stirs up in people got the better of them.
She was certainly pretty pissed. You could hear her screams swell each time she opened the front door to hurl more of his possessions into the yard. There was a tense moment when an armful of debris hit his Commodore. He urged her to be fucken careful. She pointed out that it's not that fucken special - it's just a fucken car. I guess this put things in perspective for him. Eventually it was agreed that he's a useless fucken dog and that he will fuck off and spend the night alone at his mum's like he fucken deserves. She feels she'll be a lot fucken better off without him. That must be a comfort.

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