Four calling birds, three French hens, two masked gunmen...

A child has narrowly escaped being shot on Christmas Day during an armed robbery in northern Melbourne.
Police say two masked gunmen burst into a home in Reservoir around 3am (AEDT) on Sunday and confronted the homeowners.
A bullet was then fired from just inside the front door.
"The projectile penetrated one of the walls, passing through the bedroom which contained two young children who were sleeping, narrowly missing one," Detective Sergeant Murray Ryan told Fairfax Radio.
"The offenders then decamped on foot."
At least six people were home at the time of the shooting.
Police are investigating.

You'd think the bastards could do this some time other than the night that the kids are expecting Santa to break in. That's just a whole world of wrong.
For the first time ever, though, I find myself grateful for the bizarre 19th century qualities of police jargon. Hopefully the allegation that the offenders "decamped on foot" will embarrass them into temporary retirement.

With thanks to Anonymous for the link. I like your poems.

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