Food Star All You Can Eat: Part 2

This is word-for-word cut and paste from the web site:

At Foodstar we're always looking for great new people to join our team, but what's in it for you?
  • Need extra pocket money to buy an ipod, psp or pay for schoolies? No problem, a few shifts will do the trick.
  • We're open 10am to 10pm 7 days a week so you'll always find a time that suits your hours.
  • Youthful culture. Everyone here is young and in high school or uni (except the people who work in the kitchen) so if you want to meet other people your age, it's a great place to start. Hey we have even seen love blossom at Foodstar! It's true!
  • No experience. No worries! We just want people who can speak English and have a great smile :P
  • Free Food, well almost... You get whatever is left after the customers leave. Hey it's better than nothing, it's still restaurant quality food.
So what now? Download the job application form and bring it to your nearest store and give it to the manager.

Don't believe me? Fine. Click here.
I can't take credit for the link to Wikipedia explaining what "love" is though; that was actually embedded in their site.

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