Moving Day

Moving day went in the usual fashion: dust, a van, two paid men grunting under the weight of a metal action sofa bed not declared on the job sheet. A resolute nod as I closed the door on my last twenty years of life in the inner city. Change is good.
As we unloaded into my new home I became aware of a woman loitering at my gate, watching me while small children swarmed around her.
"Hello." I said.
She replied "Have you changed the locks yet?"
Welcome to Reservoir.


  1. Hey, just read your blog. What a funny person you are :) I moved here almost 2 years ago. Been creating a little heaven here. It's a working progress.

  2. Been living here for more than a year. My challenge to you is to show the Reservoir beauty as well as the Reservoir beast.

  3. I'm confused - how am I not doing that?

  4. I would suggest that petrified students, junkies in supermarkets, abusive parents and feral kids on one's doorstep does not constitute beauty!