The Harbinger

A while back now I noticed this very upsetting development in the local community - Reservoir cultural institution and social mecca Broadway Bingo Centre has closed down. Yes. Anyone who has made it right through this blog will know the special place that Bingo Bonanza held in my heart, like here, and here

More recently it has emerged that the Bingo is to be replaced by the incongruous yet increasingly predictable real estate outcome in Reservoir of a commercial gym.

I guess a few months from now the flickering Bingo sign will be gone and Broadway will be increasingly populated with people in lycra zipping intently from their car past the op shop and the crazy bargains shop up the stairs (two or three at a time) to the gym. 

On the plus side, I guess they'll help Rezza's mortality stats, and to be fair we could probably use a boost there. For a while at least though, whenever I see the gym I'll still think of the dismal array of people you always used to see chugging a durrie on the pebble mix staircase between bingo games. I'll never be able to explain the fondness I formed for them. Maybe it was because they always looked as though they were exactly where they wanted to be. You never see that in a gym.

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