The Second Most Depressing Coles in Reservoir

This Coles adjoins a cavernous disused retail space that used to be a Target. That's right - even Target didn't want to stick around. It is only the second most depressing Coles in Reservoir on account of the fact that it sells real coffee and has a bottle shop. Mind you, of all the bottle shops I've visited across the world, this one stocks the least number of drinks that I would be prepared to imbibe, and I can't pretend to have particularly high standards.
I have a sort of preemptive sentimentality for this Coles. Before long it is going to be levelled to make way for an apartment high rise. I already know that when this happens I will hold on fondly to the memory of the troughed out surfaces in the carpark that are never repaired, and the touching product directory signs that are hand typed in Word and sticky taped onto the end of each aisle in a plastic pocket. I bet if they open another Coles in the new development the checkout chicks won't be half as nice either.


  1. Wow! I didn't realise our wonderful suburb has 2 coles. What other suburb has 2 coles, and why?

    OK where is it :)
    I want to see the liquor collection.

  2. Annie reckons the Apartments got rejected and it's going to be a K-mart. In the US K-Marts have bottle shops and guns.

  3. Ah, Northcote has two Coles in the very same complex! Northcote Plaza, with a Coles at each end. Of course, it is not far from Reservoir to Northcote...

  4. I used to love this place as a kid- there was a cafe that sold great hot chips. It was the place to be!